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Single Wall Boxes vs Double Wall Boxes, which one is better?

Single Wall Boxes vs Double Wall Boxes, which one is better?

Corrugated cardboard boxes are widely used for numerous applications, including shipping, packaging, storage, moving, etc. They come in single wall and double wall varieties, but both are made of a fluted paper sheet sandwiched between two sheets of liner paper. The inner and outer layers may be made from Kraft paper, test paper, recycled paper or semi-chemical paper. Most often, Kraft paper is used for the outer layers while test paper is used for the inner layer. The flutes vary in size, and the durability and strength of each box depends on the size of the flute and the types of paper used.

Single wall boxes are designed using just one layer of fluting. They are the type of box that is most commonly used for shipping in the e-commerce industry, and for good reason. Single wall boxes are economical, and they provide the cushioned protection and rigidity that is necessary in a shipping container.

Corrugated cardboard consists of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat liner boards. The flutes run parallel to the box’s depth and provide its rigidity and strength for stacking. They also provide insulation to protect box contents from sudden temperature changes.

Double wall boxes are created using two layers of fluting instead of just one. The layers are usually different sizes to combine the benefits of various flute types. Double wall boxes feature 5-ply construction which provides a great deal of strength. This makes them an ideal choice for heavier items and products that require a greater deal of protection than what a single wall box can provide. Because they are more rigid, double wall boxes are also a better choice than single for long-term storage.

PZ Packaging offer a wide variety of single wall and double wall custom boxes to suit any application. We have everything you need to store, ship and transport products of all shapes and sizes, and we would be more than happy to customize corrugated cardboard boxes that are perfect for your business.

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At PZ Packaging, we pride ourselves on delivering the kraft paper products you want.

At PZ Packaging, we pride ourselves on delivering the kraft paper products you want.

  1. At PZ Packaging, we pride ourselves on delivering the kraft paper products you want. But our people set us apart. They’re not satisfied until you are. They align their goals with yours. Your hurdles become theirs and they work hard to deliver solutions.For them, customer service isn’t a goal; it’s the way they conduct business each and every day.As a leading supplier of kraft paper in North America, our kraft paper known for its quality and reliability.
    PZ Packaging’s delivery is among the fastest in the industry, yet we can also process smaller orders to meet your customized needs. We are uniquely positioned to offer you geographical and logistical benefits.
    Our kraft papers can be used for vast variety of purposes including but not limited to:
    quick-serve carryout bags
  • grocery and shopping bags
  • butcher wrap and freezer paper base stock
  • multiwall shipping sacks
  • asphalt- and resin-saturating base stocks
  • various industrial converting and packaging applications
  • protective packaging applications

Corrugated rolls supplied by PZ packaging are best for shipping value goods.

Corrugated rolls supplied by PZ packaging are best for shipping
value goods.

Corrugated rolls are a protective packaging product for customers who require reliable solution to protecting their products while being transported.Corrugated board in rolls provides the easiest way to package and protect multiple and different items of different sizes and forms. Corrugated rolls have high shock-absorbing qualities and can easily be manually cut to size and wrapped around a product. It is ideal for small batch sizes.Available in different sizes and types, corrugated rolls have an elastic property due to a special soft inner liner allowing it to be delivered in rolls.Corrugated rolls are available in widths ranging from 400mm to 2400mm and lengths of between 100m and 200m. The rolls can be pre-printed if high quality print is required.

Salient Features of corrugated rolls
  • Supplied in ‘endless’ corrugated roll format up to 200m
  • Supplied in a range of widths 400mm to 2400mm
  • Soft inner liner provides board elasticity
  • High quality print available
  • 100% recyclable

Benefits of corrugated rolls
  • Reduction in transit damage as the soft liner improves shock absorption
  • Reduction in material usage – board can be cut to exact dimensions required
  • Cost effective – no costs for origination
  • Flexibility to use with different primary products
  • Increased warehouse utilization – rolls replace pallets of individual packaging
  • environmentally friendly – made from a renewable resource

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Kraft paper for packaging and industrial purpose

Kraft paper for packaging and industrial purpose

PZ Packging offers special rates to save you money on your everyday Kraft Paper for packaging and other purpose and still provide you with the same quality.PZ Packaging was established in Miami FL by experience e-commerce specialist with focus on good quality client service at affordable pricing. With over a decade of experience in e-commerce, our founders wanted to keep old-fashioned integrity at the center of our approach.

Our vast industry knowledge allows us to provide packaging supplies that fulfill your facility’s needs. We deliver quality industrial products at exceptional, competitive prices. We pride ourselves on dependability. When you work with PZ Packaging, you get a service provider who knows the industry.

Our staff understands the ins and outs of your workflow. With your difficulties in mind, we deliver personalized solutions to help your facility run smoother on a daily basis. We deliver unmatched service and have expertise you can rely on. PZ Packaging has proudly served clients in all areas of logistics with packaging solutions. We make sure your facility has what it needs to thrive. It’s that simple. We are ready to take care of all your industrial supply needs including packaging supplies and paper products.