Single Wall Boxes vs Double Wall Boxes, which one is better?

Single Wall Boxes vs Double Wall Boxes, which one is better?

Corrugated cardboard boxes are widely used for numerous applications, including shipping, packaging, storage, moving, etc. They come in single wall and double wall varieties, but both are made of a fluted paper sheet sandwiched between two sheets of liner paper. The inner and outer layers may be made from Kraft paper, test paper, recycled paper or semi-chemical paper. Most often, Kraft paper is used for the outer layers while test paper is used for the inner layer. The flutes vary in size, and the durability and strength of each box depends on the size of the flute and the types of paper used.

Single wall boxes are designed using just one layer of fluting. They are the type of box that is most commonly used for shipping in the e-commerce industry, and for good reason. Single wall boxes are economical, and they provide the cushioned protection and rigidity that is necessary in a shipping container.

Corrugated cardboard consists of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat liner boards. The flutes run parallel to the box’s depth and provide its rigidity and strength for stacking. They also provide insulation to protect box contents from sudden temperature changes.

Double wall boxes are created using two layers of fluting instead of just one. The layers are usually different sizes to combine the benefits of various flute types. Double wall boxes feature 5-ply construction which provides a great deal of strength. This makes them an ideal choice for heavier items and products that require a greater deal of protection than what a single wall box can provide. Because they are more rigid, double wall boxes are also a better choice than single for long-term storage.

PZ Packaging offer a wide variety of single wall and double wall custom boxes to suit any application. We have everything you need to store, ship and transport products of all shapes and sizes, and we would be more than happy to customize corrugated cardboard boxes that are perfect for your business.

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